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Industrial Brochures

These are the most commonly Ordered items in the Industry. WE also provide more than just Personal Protective Equipment,
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  • Packaging 1 - Tape, Kraft Rolls, Pallet Wrap, Cap Tissue, Newsprint, Cohesive

  • Packaging 2 - Bubble, Foam, Strapping, Corrugated Rolls, Mailers, Bale Wire

  • Shipping - Poly Sheeting, Poly Bags, Knives, Protectors, Twine, Labelops, Labels

  • Paper Products - Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, Dispensers, Soaps

  • Cleaners - Germicides, Degreasers, Soaps, Washroom Supplies

  • Floor Care - Strippers, Finishers, Chemicals, Brooms, Mops, Absorbants, Bags


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