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35-70 Clearly Fragrance Free LOTION Soap 4 x 2000 mL Cartridge GRIME EATER


35-70 Clearly Fragrance Free Lotion Soap Cartridge GRIME EATER

 4 x 2000 mL (Minimum Purchase 1 Case of 4)

PERFECT FOR USERS SENSITIVE TO FRAGRANCE: One of our most popular selling lotion soaps The Clearly Fragrance Line is comprised of Lotion Soaps that are superior for the Office or Workplace.

  • 3 varieties to choose from: Lotion, Liquid and Foam.
  • Enriched with our exclusive skin conditioning system containing 5 natural botanical extracts.
  • Gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling naturally refreshed.
  • Registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

Fits Model 8-22 Dispenser

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