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75-70 Clearly Fragrance Free FOAM Soap 4 x 2000 mL Cartridge GRIME EATER


75-70 Clearly Fragrance Free FOAM Soap  Cartridge GRIME EATER

4 x 2000 mL (Minimum Purchase 1 Case of 4)

PERFECT FOR USERS SENSITIVE TO FRAGRANCE One of our most popular selling lotion soaps The Clearly Fragrance Line is comprised of Lotion Soaps that are superior for the Office or Workplace.

  • 3 varieties to choose from: Lotion, Liquid and Foam.
  • Enriched with our exclusive skin conditioning system containing 5 natural botanical extracts.
  • Gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling naturally refreshed.
  • Registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

Fits Model 8-22 Dispenser

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