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EA466 Portable Fan Forced Utility Radiant Heater Electric 3-Heat Settings Min BTU 2048/Max 5120 Tip-Over-Safety Amp Min 5.0 / Max 12.5 Min 600W/Max 1500W MATRIX

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EA466 Portable Fan Forced Utility Radiant Heater Electric    MATRIX INDUSTRIAL

  • Three heat settings provides full comfort and efficient operation
  • Min 600 W radiant
  • Med 900 W fan forced
  • Max 1500 W fan forced and radiant
  • Min BTU 2048/Max 5120
  • Amperage  Min 5.0 / Max 12.5 
  • Chrome-plated safety grill
  • Automatic built-in thermostat
  • Ceramic core element
  • Tip over safety switch and thermal limit



Radiant Heat

Power Source


Min BTU Rating


Max BTU Rating


Max. Amperage

12.5 A

Min. Wattage

600 W

Min. Amperage

5.0 A

Max. Wattage

1500 W