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SAN318 Rockets ® Reusable Earplugs Corded NRR dB: 27 One-Size CSA Class AL MOLDEX


SAN318 Rockets ® Reusable Earplugs  Corded NRR dB: 27 One-Size  CSA Class AL MOLDEX

  • Style: Corded
  • NRR dB: 27
  • Size: One-Size
  • Certification(s): CSA Class AL
  • Qty/Box(pairs): 50
  • Type: Vinyl Corded
  • Easy grip handle allows for easy insertion
  • Air bubble in the tip provides cushioned comfort
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Each pair comes with a Pocket-Pak ® carrying case to store plugs between uses
  • Slips easily into the pocket