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  • JB669 MOP HEAD, - COTTON 20oz (550gram) (16, 24,32oz) NARROW BAND (Fits JB722, JB721 Handle)

    Narrow band
    Material: Cotton
    • JB668  16 oz./450 grams
    • JB669  20 oz./550 grams
    • JB670  24 oz./650 grams
    • JB671  32 oz./850 grams

    Fits JB722, JB721 Handles

  • High grade cotton yarn is durable and absorbent with excellent floor drying qualities, increasing worker productivity and safety
  • Good quality, fast drying poly head band
  • Cotton industrial narrow band wet mops are economical and great for general purpose cleaning
  • Fan-Foot construction allows for maximum floor coverage
  • Use with any narrow band mop handle