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JO160 (JB946) BLEACH, LAVO JAVEL 6% BOTTLE (3.6Lx 6/CS) #0440154


JO160 (JB946) BLEACH, LAVO JAVEL 6%  BOTTLE   3.6Lx 6/CS   #0440154

  • 6% Javel Water,
  • 3.6 Litres x 6 per case
  • Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and bleaches
  • Use for whitening and for disinfecting potable water, septic tanks, pools
  • Bleach can disinfect which means it is effective at killing most bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is also used to whiten fabric and other items.

    CDC Bleach Water Disinfectant and Other Uses Government of Canada

    •  2 Drops  per Quart (950ml) (32oz) (4cup) of Water
    •  8 drops per Gallon (16 Cups) (4L)
    •  1 Teaspoon per 10 Gallons (160 cups) (40L) 
    Wait 1 Hour to kill Organisms. If you can detect a hint of bleach smell at the end of the Hour, then it's safe to drink.