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JC102 TOWEL DISPENSER 13 x 9.75 x 15.75 (fits JC027, JC029, JC030 +)

  • Colour: Grey
  • Roll towel dispenser
  • Dimensions W" x D" x H": 13 x 9.75 x 15.75
  • Paper Option: JC027, JC028, JC029, JC030, JC031, JC055, JC056

  • See-through construction allows quick and easy service checks
  • High capacity reduces labour and maintenance costs
  • No touch model JC929 help to control germs and reduce risks of cross-contamination
  • SR16  Zig Zag White Hard Polypropylene Key is Included for locking Dispenser
  • SR15 : Optional leave-in key IS available