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  • JG223 Hand PUMICE, Scrubber for: Grease, Paint, Ink, Epoxy, Tar, Rust ORANGE SCENT 3.6 L w/Pump RMP

    C$21.50 C$16.50

    JG223 Hand PUMICE, Scrubber for:  Grease, Paint, Ink, Epoxy, Tar, Rust ORANGE SCENT  3.6 L w/Pump  RMP

    • 3.6 L w/Pump
    • Orange scent
    • Fresh, natural orange citrus scent
    • Pumice scrubbing particles for extra deep cleaning
    • Quick and easy removal of dirt, grease, paint, ink, epoxy, tar, rust and most industrial soils
    • High quality pump included with every bottle for controlled dispensing
    • Can conveniently be used with or without water
    • No harsh solvents, leaving hands soft and clean
    • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities