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JK485 CRT Healthy Hand Foam Soap Wash High Performance 535ml Pump Bottle, Unscented (For Sensitive Skin) No Harsh Chemicals SANITARY SEALED PET (SSP) Hospital Use Recyclable #5775-04-CAN00 PURELL

C$19.95 C$15.25

JK485 CRT Healthy Hand Foam Soap Wash High Performance # 5775-04-CAN00 PURELL 

  • 535ml Pump Bottle,   Unscented  For Sensitive Skin
  • Free of harsh preservatives, antibacterials, parabens, phthalates, fragrance and dye
  • Reaches into skin's cracks and crevices 2X better than regular soap to remove dirt and germs
  • Formulated specifically for dry, sensitive skin and frequently washed hands
  • Removes 33% more bio soil than regular soap
  • Rinses fast and clean for easy gloving
  • Saves an average of 15,000 gallons per year in a 500-bed hospital
  • SANITARY SEALED PET (SSP) refill is easily recycled