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JM716 (JB980) Corn Broom, Heavy Duty Industrial Outdoor, 1-String 3-Wire (Extra stiff Sweep Action Cane Centre) 1-1/8"Th Handle M2 PROFESSIONAL #BC-110

JM716  (JB980) Corn Broom,  Heavy Duty Industrial Outdoor,  M2 PROFESSIONAL #BC-110
  • 1-String  3-Wire
  • Extra stiff Sweep Action Cane Centre
  • Corn-yucca fibre blend
  • 1-1/8"Thick Wooden Handle

    This Broom is Heavy: Mainly an outdoor broom and is the heaviest of our corn brooms. 

    Use this broom to remove large amounts of dirt and snow from entrance ways. Construction debree, dirt from 

    Renovation sites and entrance way Clean-ups

    • JB980 Atlas Brand #748 X-Heavy has been discontinued
    • The above JM716 M2 Professional is a suggested Replacement Model