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JM887 Supersorb™ Spill Mop Cut Style Polyester/Rayon Band Width Narrow M2 PROFESSIONAL #MW-SS1192 (Med or Large)


Supersorb™ Spill Mop  Cut Style    M2 PROFESSIONAL 

JM887 #MW-SS119 20oz  MEDIUM

JM888 #MW-SS119 24oz  LARGE

  • Made from 100% re-purposed, post-industrial, non-woven materials
  • Polyester/Rayon 
  • Band Width: Narrow
  • Absorbs 7 times its weight
  • Can also use on rough surface floors
  • Ideal for oil and solvents
  • Great for spill pick up
  • General use
  • Use with Fiberglass Handle JN055