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JM932 Push Broom, Foodservice - Medium Bristles, 24", Polyester, White #PB-FS24-BL M2 PROFESSIONAL

C$33.50 C$29.95

JM932  Push Broom,  Foodservice  - Medium Bristles Blue, 24", Polyester, White Block Top #PB-FS24-BL  M2 PROFESSIONAL

  • Medium Sweep Action
  • Block Color White, Bristle Colour Blue
  • Manufactured with highest quality fibers that are inset in an easy-to-clean and “wood-free" plastic block that resists bacteria to meet hygienic regulations
  • Designed for usage with many strong floor degreasers and for abrasive scrubbing
  • Can washed to extend performance life
  • Colour coded to identify specific cleaning areas
  • Goes with Standard Acme Threaded Handles JM810 54" & JM811 60" [Sold Seperate]