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JN055 Step-N-Go Mop Handle M2 Fiberglass 54" or 60"L x 1"D Tip Style Open Gate Colour Blue PROFESSIONAL #HW-7000F (Use with JM858 or JM887)

C$24.95 C$18.25

 Step-N-Go Mop Handle M2  Colour  Blue PROFESSIONAL 

JN055  60"L #HW-7000F 

JM843 54"L  #HW-7002W

  • 1"Diameter
  • Style Type: Open Gate
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Use with Narrow Band Mop Heads
  • Foot pedal allows you to release the mop without touching

    the mop handle

  • The mop hooks allow the user to lift the mop head without touching

    to easily grasp the soiled mop and place it into a garbage receptacle

    or washing machine

Use with JM858 or  JM861 Mops