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JD317 SkeetSafe ® Liquid Spray Insect Repellent SPRAY DEET Concentration: 30% AVAILABLE 3.4 oz SKEETSAFE


SkeetSafe ® Liquid Spray Insect Repellent SPRAY DEET  3.4 oz SKEETSAFE

Concentration Deet:

JD317 30% DEET  6 HOURS  #18120

  • Non greasy - prevents slipping of items held in hand such as: tools, steering wheel, etc. and will not collect dirt
  • Small 100 ml bottle size ideal for storage and portability
  • Pump spray reduces waste from overspray and allows you to apply the product where you need
  • 10% DEET will provides 3 hours of continuous protection
  • 30% DEET will provides 6 hours of continuous protection

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