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PA120 Corrugated Cartons 12"Width X 18"Length X 12"Height (Test 175 LBS) BOOK MOVING BOXES


PA120 Corrugated Cartons Width:12"Width 12"Length  18"Height Test lbs. 175

Some call this the BOOK MOVING BOX

Width: 12"

Length: 18"

Height: 12"

Test lbs.: 175

Flute Type: C

There's no need to put shipments on hold while you wait for custom carton orders, or stock more cartons than you need. These 125 to 200-lb. test cartons withstand rough handling during shipment.

Book boxes are maybe the most common kind of moving boxes.  Book boxes are great for smaller, heavier items like books, CDs, DVDs, records, magazines, papers, photo albums, cleaning supplies, and bathroom items.

Moving Tips:

You can pack quite heavy items (such as weights) in this box. Wine bottles, spices, cutlery and food can be packed in these boxes. When packing wine bottles, pad the bottom of the box with packing paper, stand the bottles and separate them from each other and the box walls by using packing paper.