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  • PB834 Self-Retracting Safety Knives OLFA #SK-4 (BLADES AVAILABLE HERE)


    PB834 Self-Retracting Safety Knives OLFA #SK-4

    • Carton cutter knife with self-retracting blade for enhanced user safety


    PB835 Self-Retracting Replacement Blades

      • #SKB-2 10/PK
      • Material: Carbon tool steel
      • Number of blades per pack: 10

    • Fits retractable Safety Knife models PB834 & PB846, and Retractable Auto-Lock Utility Knife PC487
    • Each blade features 2 cutting edges
    • The blades are made of high-quality Japanese grade carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention
    • Ideal for: cutting corrugate, paper, rubber, leather, foam, etc.