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PF074 Polypropylene Strapping 5/8"W 6"Wx16"CORE MANUAL 4400' 1100BRK Strength BLACK SAMUEL #H58110EMB044B6


PF074 Polypropylene Strapping 

5/8"W  6"Wx16"CORE 4400' 1100BRK Strength BLACK 

SAMUEL #H58110EMB044B6

Material: Polyester
Grade: Manual
Strap Width: 5/8"
Colour: Black
Strength: 1100 lbs.
Feet/Coil: 4400'
Coils/Carton: 1
Dim. Core: 16"
Width: 6"
Weight: 40 lbs.
The most inexpensive of all strapping materials
Lightweight, easy to apply and recyclable
Available in both manual and machine grade
Manual application is ideal for low and moderate volume users
Ideal for light duty palletizing, unitizing, carton closing and bundling