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SA847 N99 Low Maintenance Half Mask-Respirator #7190N99 NORTH BY HONEYWELL 12/BX

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SA847  N99  Low Maintenance Half Mask-Respirator  #7190N99  NORTH BY HONEYWELL 12/BX

  • Patented coaxial valving system to make it the coolest;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • Patented process helps avoid the uncomfortable build-upof heat and moisture common in disposables;
  • Designed for welding, as the swept-back profile fits easily under a welding helmet;
  • Can also be used for many applications with solid particulates and non-oil based aerosols if the hazard ration is less than 10;
  • In addition it has a replaceable filter;
  • 42CFR84 approved