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SAJ341 Scaffolding/Forming Fall Protection Kit w/6' Lanyard LARGE SZ Harness CSA Class: A

  • Scaffolding/Forming Kit w/6' Lanyard
  • CSA Class: A

  • Click here to view our quick-reference guide for the CSA standard Z259.10-06 for full body harnesses

  • Polyester full body universal harness SAH534 or X-Large harness SAH536
  • Polyester Decelerator energy absorbing lanyard with double locking snap hook and 2 1/2" stamped scaffolding hook (4' or 6'), SAK524 or SAK525
  • North carrying bag (SAH539)
  • Harness certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06
  • Lanyard certified to CSA standard Z259.11-05, Class E4