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  • SAM714 3M NECKBAND Bluetooth Wireless 2-Way Radio Headset NRRdB 25 PELTOR #MT53H7BW52 BLUE

    • NR Rating: 25 dB
    • Style: Neckband with Boom
    • Colour: Blue

    • 2-Way Radio Headset
      Connection without the restriction of wires Introducing Peltor®'s new wireless solutions headset featuring the latest in technology. This headset allows for ultimate flexibility when "synched-up" to your existing communication system, transmit and receive without the need for interconnecting cords and wires.

    • Wireless up to 50'
    • Compatible to both portable & mobile 2-way radio systems
    • Ground mechanic push-back model available
    • Noise cancelling boom microphone
    • Requires Bluetooth adaptor specific to radio manufacturer
    • Headset transmits/receives wirelessly up to 50' away from adaptor
    • Push-to-talk button located on back left ear cup
    • Digital transmission on 2.45 GHz frequency hoppingat 1600/s no cross talk with other units in close proximity