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SAP391 Masks, Disposable: Ear-Loop FREE OF: Latex, Fibreglass Materials For Sensitive Skin Pleated Fluid Repeller (Metal Nose Insert) #ASTM 2100 Non-Medical 50/Box BLUE

C$18.95 C$11.35

SAP391  Masks, Disposable: Ear-Loop  For Sensitive Skin   Pleated Fluid Repeller #ASTM 2100   

  • Non-Medical  50/Box BLUE
  • Metal Insert on nose creates a better fit for all face shapes
  • Offers advanced protection while keeping a superior level of comfort
  • Exceeds current ASTM 2100 performance standards for everyday, low barrier protection
  • Added protection with unique shingle pleat design to prevent fluid pooling
  • Reduced risk of contamination with fluid repellent outer and inner material
  • Ideal for sensitive skin due to latex-free and fibreglass-free materials