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SAR359 Kleenguard SMS Hooded/Booted A30 Coveralls iFlex Design Breathable/Splash/Particle Protection MED


 SAR359 Kleenguard SMS A30 Coveralls iFlex Design Breathable/Splash/Particle Protection 

  • Patent-pending iFLEX technology builds in freedom of movement; allows 30% more forward reach than regular coveralls;
  • Hooded/Booted
  • Breathable, splash and particle protection apparel;
  • Patented microforce barrier SMS fabric;
  • 25 times more breathable with comparable particle holdout to Tyvek« ;
  • Allows sweat and moisture vapour to escape ;
  • Patented Reflex Design which is 7 1/2 times less likely to rip out than ANSI minimums and provides 12% more chest room and 6% longer body length;
  • Elastic back;
  • Seamless front and zipper flap to provide more protection in the primary exposure areas;
  • Strong and abrasion-resistant;
  • Resistant to dry particulates and repellent to liquid splashes;
  • NFPA 99 compliant antistatic material;