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SC984 Lanyards Manyard® Shock-Absorbing One Leg Locking REBAR Hook (4'L,5'L,6'L & 8'L Available) Miller®


Miller® Manyard® Shock-Absorbing Lanyards  

Anchorage Connection: Locking Rebar Hook

SC984      219WRS-Z7/4FTYLC       4'L     One  LEG    Locking Rebar Hook 

SC985      219WRS-Z7/5FTYLC       5'L     One  LEG    Locking Rebar Hook 

SC986      219WRS-Z7/6FTYLC       6'L     One  LEG    Locking Rebar Hook 

SC987      219WR-Z/8C                    8'L     One  LEG    Locking Rebar Hook

  • Unsurpassed in the market for safety, comfort and?mobility
  • Special woven shock-absorbing inner core reduces fall arrest forces
  • Heavy-duty tubular outer jacket serves as a back-up web lanyard
  • Unique warning flag provides visual proof that a lanyard has been involved in a fall and should be removed from service
  • Locking snap hook harness connection
  • Certified to CSA standard Z259.11, Class E4