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  • Certification: CSA standard Z94.3
  • Lens Tint: Clear
  • Lens Coating: Uvextreme AF® Anti-Fog
  • Provides substantial coverage and unobstructed vision for excellent impact protection and performance
  • Proprietary Floating LensTMdesign offers increased flexibility to fit more wearers
  • Flexible wrap-around brow expands and contracts to comfortably fit a wide variety of wearers
  • Weighs less than one ounce for comfortable, all-day wear
  • Soft inserts along the temple provide a comfortable, head-hugging fit while flexible "fingers" on the nosepiece reduce slippage and cushion the nose for greater comfort
  • Features Supra-Dura®advanced anti-scratch coating for lenses that resist scratching 5x longer than other coatings on the market, and high-performance Uvextreme®anti-fog coating


Uvex is the world leading brand in lens coating technology. In fact, Uvex lenses deliver among the longest lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance available. And because they are permanently bonded to the lens, Uvex coatings do not wash or wear off, even after extended wear or repeated cleanings. The value and protection of long-lasting fog-free, scratch-free vision are insurmountable in today’s industrial workplaces.

By outfitting workers in top-performing Uvex coated lenses, employers gain peace of mind knowing everyone is protected by the world’s most advanced safety eyewear. Workers gain the confidence to conduct tasks without the distraction and risk of obscured vision. Uvex – inspiring safety through our relentless commitment to innovation.


Fogging is the number one challenge faced by safety eyewear users. Lenses fog in nearly every application, wherever heat and humidity exist. Exposure to various environmental conditions, transitions between cool and warm workspaces, rising body temperature caused by exertion and daily lens cleaning all contribute to how quickly lenses fog.

Once fogging occurs, an individual must either remove his or her safety eyewear to wipe the lenses clear or continue to work with obscured vision. If eyewear is removed on site, the worker becomes vulnerable to injury from nearby hazards, which can lead to injury with potentially catastrophic results. If the worker exits the site to wipe lenses clear, productivity is undermined.

The best way to protect workers from fogging is to provide them with high-performance anti-fog safety glasses or anti-fog goggles. Uvex anti-fog coatings come in two levels of superior protection on a wide variety of safety eyewear styles to deliver a safe, clear view even in extreme heat and humidity.

Anti-fog coating offers superior, dual-action performance under the most demanding hot and humid conditions for the longest lasting fog-free view.