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  • SDN089 Anti-Skid, Slip Tape 2" x 60' YELLOW/BLACK (other Colors) Indoor/Outdoor Distancing ZENITH


    Anti-Skid, Slip Tape 2" x 60' Indoor/Outdoor Distancing ZENITH

    SDN089 Black/Yellow

    SDN088 Red/White

    SDN090 Yellow

    SDN091 Red

    SDN104 Clear

    • Width: 2"
    • Length: 60'
    • Distancing TAPE
    • Helps prevent injuries from slipping and falling
    • Grit sandpaper surface with adhesive backing
    • Water, grease, and oil resistant
    • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications
    • Meets or exceeds NFSI 101-A and OSHA 1910.24 and 1910.26
    • RoHS compliant