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SEB184 3M Ultimate FX FF-400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator Silicone


3M Ultimate FX FF-400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator  Silicone  

SEB184 FF-401 Small 
SEB185 FF-402 Medium 
SEB186 FF-403 Large

  • Engineered for maximum comfort, durability, and visibility
  • Provides rugged flexibility in extreme environments while still delivering superior comfort
  • The only respirator with Scotchgard TM Protector for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • 3M TM Cool Flow TM Exhalation Valve for easier breathing and cool, dry comfort
  • Features soft yet durable silicone faceseal and head harness
  • Long-lasting head harness - straps pulled over one million times in durability testing
  • Large lens for superior peripheral vision
  • Low profile bayonet cartridge attachments, designed for improved balance and better weight distribution
  • NIOSH approved

Accessories Description 

SDS857 FF-400-15 Standard Lens Covers 25 
SED319 FF-400-17 Semi-Permanent Lens Cover 5 
SDP385 FF-400-25 Nylon Storage Bag 1