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SFM649 Foam Ear Plugs NRRdB 32 Brite Visibility 200 BOX ZENITH


SFM649 Foam Ear Plugs  NRRdB 32 Brite Visibility 


  • Style: UN-Corded
  • NRR dB: 32
  • Size: One-Size
  • Certification(s): ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Class AL
  • Qty/Box(pairs): 200
  • Smooth foam ear plugs fit comfortably while blocking out unwanted noise
  • Each pair is packaged for convenient access
  • Brightly coloured for enhanced visibility
  • Disposable
  • Super soft polyurethane foam
  • Low pressure foam is easy to roll and slow to recover
  • Flat back helps assist with positioning and achieving the ideal fit