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SFQ513 Gloves, Rough Grip Foam Nitrile Coating, Jersey/Cotton Shell Full Dip, Inner Lining: Cotton #7166R SHOWA (SZ 9/10)

C$7.85 C$6.99

Gloves, Rough Grip,  Foam Nitrile Coating, Jersey/Cotton Shell  Full Dip,  Inner Lining: Cotton   SHOWA

SFQ515  #7166R-9  SIZE 9/11

SFQ513  #7166R-10 SIZE 10/11

  • Exclusive coating provides superior cut, puncture, snag and abrasion resistance
  • Rough grip provides good wet grip and extra wear, Oil resistant
  • Coating prevents oil dripping through while protecting the entire hand against rough and abrasive materials
  • Great for Clean-ups: Garages, Warehouse, Loose Garbage, Gardens, Shipping and Receiving, Bulky Items