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SFQ527 MATS, Outdoor Entrance Mat, SCRAPER Shoes/Boots Rubber Heavy Duty, Scraper Type, Textured Pattern 2-2/3'ft L x 2'ft W x 1/2" Th Black ZENITH (Various Sizes)

C$63.75 C$59.50

MATS, Outdoor Entrance Mat, SCRAPER Shoes/Boots Rubber, Heavy Duty Scraper Type, Textured Pattern , 1/2" Thick  Black ZENITH 

SFQ527   2-2/3' ft Length  x  2' ft Width

SFQ528   3-1/4' ft Length  x  2-2/3'ft Width

SFQ529   3-5/6' ft Length  x  2-1/3' ft Width

SFQ530   5' ft Length x 3'  ft Width

SFQ531   6' ft  Length x 3'  ft Width

  • Scrape shoes and boots clean to avoid tracking dirt, slush, and snow
  • Durable rubber mat resists harsh weather conditions
  • Numerous rubber fingers are ideal for trapping dirt
  • Beveled edging to help prevent tripping
  • Easy to clean
  • Catches Ice Melter, Rock Salt, Sand and Animal Feed