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  • SFY730 Whistler Hard Hat Suspension Ratchet ANSI Type I/CSA (YEL/WHIT/BLU) DYNAMIC SAFETY


    Whistler Hard Hat Suspension Ratchet ANSI Type I/CSA  DYNAMIC SAFETY 

    SFY730 Yellow 
    SFY722 White 
    SFY712 Sky Blue 

    • Suspension Type: Ratchet
    • Certification(s): ANSI Type I/CSA Type 1
    • Sleek & modern style
    • Lightweight high density polyethylene
    • Rain trough & slotted design shell to accommodate all the latest accessories such as hearing protection, face shields, forestry kits or welding protection
    • Attachment points for chin straps
    • “Sure-Lock" ratchet adjustment to properly fit all head sizes large or small
    • Large printing surfaces for company logo's on front, sides & back