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  • SGI620 (SDP335) Coil Tool Tether 5.5" Dual Clip #1500178 3M DBI SALA


    SGI620  (SDP335) Coil Tool Tether 5.5"  Dual Clip #1500178 3M DBI SALA  FALL PROTECTION FOR TOOLS

    • Style: Coil
    • Connector Type: Dual Clip  Clip/Loop
    • Load Rating: 4.0 lbs.
    • Relaxed Length: 5.5"
    • Built from non-conductive, lightweight vinyl that is easy to clean and withstands harsh work environments
    • Ultra-compact coil design naturally stays out of the way
    • Designed to easily attach to any hard hat

    Our new heavy duty 3M™ DBI SALA® Hard Hat Coil Tether offers double the weight capacity. Its 4 lb. load rating allows you to confidently add hearing protection or a face shield to your hard hat. Simple installation and removal. Spring compression, ambidextrous design makes it easy to use with either hand. Grips harder on more materials. Patented clip holds stronger when force is applied to it.