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SGW578 Fall Protection Kit, Roofer's Kit 3-Point Adj Harness Buckles 1 back D-ring, 2 Tear-Away Lanyard #FPRK099Y50 DYNAMIC SAFETY

C$205.00 C$139.00

SGW578   Fall Protection Kit, Roofer's Kit  #FPRK099Y50 DYNAMIC SAFETY

  • 3-point adjustable harness with mating buckles
  • 1 back D-ring, and 2 tear away lanyard keepers
  • Rope grab with 30" energy absorbing lanyard
  • 50ft polyester vertical lifeline with snap hook
  • Reusable roof anchor with screws
  • Storage bucket and lid
  • Type: Roofer's Kit
  • Harness Size: One Size