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SGW751 Respirator, N95, NIOSH Certified,Humidity Resistant Disposable Multi-Layered Absorbant & Comfort One Size #DF300N95BX HONEYWELL 20/BX


SGW751  Respirator, N95, Humidity Resistant Disposable  #DF300N95BX HONEYWELL  20/BX

    Engineered to promote easier breathing: the NIOSH approved DF300 Series Flatfold Disposable Respirators are made with a multilayered absorption media that repels moisture and features a smooth inner lining for added comfort.

    • Designed to fit all faces comfortably: and accommodate the user’s facial movements
    • Multilayered absorption media with a smooth inner lining for added comfort
    • Latex free woven head straps are welded for a secure fit
    • Concealed: adjustable nose clip and soft foam nose cushion provide a custom secure seal
    • Humidity and moisture resistant filter media that repels moisture for a longer lasting respirator
    • Reliable: durable design that lasts throughout the workday