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PE997 Guard Lock® II Seals Truck Metal Length: 8-3/8"X.314"W 1000/BX TYDEN BROOKS #S92T


PE997 Guard Lock® Seals II

Truck Metal Length: 8-3/8"X.314"W 1000/BX


  • Type: Truck Seal
  • Material: Metal
  • Length: 8-3/8"

  • Self-locking tamper-resistant seal requires no tools to apply
  • Simply insert the band into the locking sheath as far as it will go and its locked
  • One time use, metal cutter required to remove
  • Tin flat metal seal features a hook-lock mechanism that locks securely with one simple motion
  • Safety rolled edge for easy handling
  • Seals have the wording "Secured" and 7 consecutive numbers embossed
  • 1000/box; Note: Customization up to 17 characters plus 7 consecutive numbers at no extra charge is available