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JO241 Pine Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner, Grease & Grime No Sticky Residue Kills Germs Jug 4.25Litre #01166FRM2 CLOROX

C$24.50 C$22.95

 JO241 Pine Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner,  Jug 4.25Litre #01166FRM2  CLOROX  

  • 4x cleaning action, Longer-lasting scent
  • Even stronger on bathroom soils (soap scum, rust and hard water)
  • Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects with a distinctive clean scent
  • It cuts through tough grease and grime fast without leaving a sticky residue
  • Instead of masking odours, this broad-spectrum, phosphate-free disinfectant wipes out odour-causing bacteria
  • It is also an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria that can cause illness
  • Use Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner on a wide variety of tough jobs and surfaces including floors, counters and sinks
  • SARS-CoV-2 virus. Hard surface disinfectant. Apply full strength on hard, nonporous surfaces. Always read and follow the label.