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  • NE335 Industrial Line-Up® Pavement Striping Paint 20 oz.CAN SOLVENT-BASED KRYLON (VARIOUS COLORS)


    Industrial Line-Up® Pavement Striping Paint 20 oz.CAN SOLVENT-BASED  KRYLON

    NE335 Highway White

    NE336 Highway Yellow

    NE337 Handicap Blue

    NE338 Firelane Red

    NE339 Cover Up Black 

    • Crisp, clean line and durable performance
    • USE with Striping Machines
    • Highly pigmented formulas
    • fortified with optical brighteners for eye catching lines
    • Available in non-burning water based formula for grass fields, solvent based
    • formulas for pavement and removable formulas for synthetic turf surfaces that require quick change
    • For striping blacktop, concrete, curbs or other smooth, hard surfaces
    • Traffic ready in 60 minute, approximately 250 linear feet per can,
    • excellent bleed retention and highly visible


    Container Type

    Aerosol Can

    Colour Family

    Container Size

    20 oz.

    Net Volume

    Colour Family

      Solvent-Based  VARIOUS 

    Paint Base Type