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  • SAK071 Disposable, Gloves: N-Dex® Plus 8005PF Industrial Grade Nitrile, 8-mil, Powder-Free, Length 9.5" BLUE (SM-XL) SHOWA #8005PF 50/BOX "Not for Medical Use"


    Disposable, Gloves: N-Dex® Plus 8005PF Industrial Grade  Nitrile, 8-mil, Powder-Free, BLUE  (SM-XL) SHOWA 

    SAK070 8005PF-S Small

    SAK071 8005PF-M Medium

    SAK072 8005PF-L Large

    SAK073 8005PF-XL X-Large

    • Provides much greater puncture resistance than natural rubber and vinyl disposables
    • Available in both lightly powdered, USP vegetable starch and powder-free styles
    • Acceptable for food and pharmaceutical applications
    • Extremely puncture resistant, once violated N-Dex® gloves readily tear so the wearer knows the glove should be replaced
    • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities
    • 8 Mil Thick, Length 9.5", Grade  AQL 4.0
    • 100% nitrile glove, #8005PF  Series 50/BOX
    • Made of FDA compliant materials
    • Ambidextrous
    • Powder-free
    • Not for medical use