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  • SAN506 Sqwincher® Qwik Stik Lite (Diabetic Friendly) Sugar-FREE Electrolyte Powder 20oz JUST ADD WATER Various Flavours 50/Bag

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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Sqwincher® Qwik Stik Lite Electrolyte Replacement Powder  (Diabetic Friendly) Sugar-FREE

    Makes 20oz  - JUST ADD WATER

    SAP496  Mixed Berry
    SAN505  Orange  
    SAN506  Fruit Punch 

    SEI282   Strawberry Lemonade

    SAF893 20oz Active Sports Bottle

    • What is your most important equipment to take with you when Outdoors Hunting - Your own personal energized body!  
    • Hydrate with Fluids and Electrolytes with Sqwincher, this can provide your muscles with the energy to react for that perfect shot! Sqwincher - the Serious Professional Grade Hydration!
    • Format: Powder
    • Serving Size oz.: 0.11
    • Serving Yield (oz.): 20
    • Servings/Package: 50/Bag
    • Calorie and sugar free single-serve pouches
    • Simply tear open the pouch, pour the powder into a 20-oz. bottle of water, and shake
    • Cost effective and convenient for people on the go