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  • SGF028 Skullerz ® 8950XL Bump Cap State-of-the-Art SHELL INCLUDED Black ERGODYNE #23346 Short Brim

    C$52.50 C$46.50

    SGF028 Skullerz ® 8950XL Bump Cap Suspension Type: None Black ERGODYNE #23346 Short Brim

    ****State-of-the-Art SHELL INCLUDED****

    XL Bump Cap: Sized specifically for larger heads and hairstyles. Protection against cranial bumps and bruises from a state-of-the-art shell; comfort and style from a very cool lid.

    • Suspension Type: None
    • Colour: Black
    • Removable XL impact-resistant ABS plastic shell for larger heads and hairstyles
    • Recommended for hat size 71/2 or above
    • Patented flanged design for comfort and air flow
    • Nylon cap construction with reflective accents


    • Baggage Handlers
    • Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance
    • Warehousing/Distribution
    • Heavy Equipment & Machinery Assembly
    • Mechanics
    • Food & Beverage
    • Brewing
    • Confined Space Work
    • HVAC & Electrical Work
    • Installation